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Suites Entry Instructions

Please follow the below instructions to retrieve your room keys, and how to enter the castle after hours



When approaching the Castle, go into the main car park at the front.
Go up the stairs and cross the draw bridge.
To the left of the Main door is a safe.


Kryal Map


Safe Photo 1


Put in the safe code and turn the handle to the right.

SAFE CODE:  3719#


Inside there will be an envelope with your name and room number on it and two cards.
These cards will open the Suites entry door and your rooms.
Ensure the safe is locked after retrieving your envelope




On the right-hand side of the main doors there is a door which will get you into the castle grounds.
Tap the room card on the black square of the handle. The light will go green, and the door will unlock.


Suites Door


Walk through the Suites Entry door and follow it until you are outside in front of room 1.
Follow the numbers until you get to your door. Your cards will open the door to your room(s).



Suites reception is located at the front of the Castle at 9am.
The internal door to reception will be open from 9am. Please come and see us when you check out.
If you need to leave before 9am, please leave your room keys in the key drop slot under the safe where you got your keys upon arrival.



If you have any questions or concerns, please call our onsite night managers on the number below.
03 5334 8509