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Castle Activities


Archery Adventure

Have you or your child ever dreamt of becoming the next Robin Hood? Well now is the time to turn that dream into a reality at the Kryal Castle Archery Range — a dedicated space to learn the ancient art of archery, hone your skills and test your accuracy against our targets.

With tickets starting as low as $5 for 5 arrows, the archery experience includes a brief lesson with one of our resident archers, hire of a Kryal Castle bow and of course access to the hay bale archery targets that will let you aim for that elusive bullseye!

Knight School

Knight School

There was no person more noble in medieval society than the mighty knight and there is no greater place to learn these abilities than Kryal Castle’s Knight School. Running daily on the main arena, children and adults alike will practice the noble skills of knighthood under the tutelage of our Master-at-Arms.

Equipped with a sword and shield, each class will be instructed on the techniques of sword fighting, battle tactics and the honour code that all knights must practice in order to guard the gates of Kryal Castle. All those who pass the test will be deemed worthy of the title of Knight of Kryal Castle — and it is an experience you simply cannot miss.

Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing

The thrill of an axe flying through the air is a joy not often felt in this modern world. However, at Kryal Castle, when you step onto our Axe Throwing Range in the Main Arena you are afforded the chance to step back in time and hone your skills with a wide array of throwing axes!

Designed to be enjoyed by all ages, with smaller and lighter axes for children, the Axe Throwing Range is a safe and enjoyable way to test your accuracy on our hand-made wooden targets as you are taught by our resident team of Knights!

Jesters Theatre

Jester's Theatre

There are many iconic characters in the medieval world — but could any of them top the delights of the Court Jester? Kryal Castle not only houses a team of jesters, but there is an entire theatre dedicated to their work! Seated in our 100-seater medieval theatre, you will be able to take in the delights of original pantomimes, variety acts and off-the-cuff theatre as you laugh along with the most outrageous characters of Kryal Castle.

Much like the wacky antics of our lovable jesters, our shows change constantly so there is always something new to see when you step foot into the Jester’s Theatre — and don’t forget to prepare yourself for some audience participation!

The Maze

The Maze

Do you dare enter the Maze of Kryal Castle — where many have ventured but not all have returned? As you pass through the creaky signs warning you to beware, this maze is a little harder to escape than it first appears. Adults and children alike have searched for the treasure hidden inside the maze, but many, too many, have found themselves at constant dead ends and have never been seen again.

A sentimental favourite of all our guests, the Maze of Kryal Castle has been here since the castle’s first construction and is an icon image of our medieval world. Whilst the maze looks easy enough, there is a feeling of terror that many experience as they step across the entranceway — are you brave enough to try?

Torture Dungeon & Museum

Torture Dungeon & Museum

There is a dark side to every time in history, but perhaps none darker than what the unfortunate few experienced during the Middle Ages. As you step into the dimly-lit entranceway of the Torture Dungeon, you may need to steel your nerve for what you are about to witness. From the ancient instruments of torture like the rack and the guillotine, to the dreaded cells of the Kryal Dungeon and the lingering smell of fear in the air — the Torture Museum & Dungeon is not for the faint-hearted. Whilst we no longer use our instruments of torture, our thoughts often drift to those who have braved the Torture Dungeon and not lived to tell the tale!

Dragon's Labyrinth

Dragon's Labyrinth

Start your journey to a land of myth and adventure as you step into the Labryinth of Ushnagh, the Dragon of Kryal Castle. As you walk across our moat, through the drawbridge and past our Great Hall you will find yourself in the ancient world of the dragons — charged with the quest of uncovering the legends of the King and Queen, the missing royal family and the secrets of Ushnagh.

As you wander the lavishly themed passageways and explore the dimly lit chambers, where stunning special effects create an air of enchantment and bring the tales of Kryal Castle to Life — will you be the one to uncover what truly lies at the depths of this forbidden cave?


Main Arena

No castle in history would be complete without its Main Arena — a place for villagers to practice their arms and champions to duel for the favour of their king! During your visit to Kryal Castle, the Main Arena will serve as the home of:

  • Mounted Skill-at-Arms Display — A truly impressive display where the resident knights will showcase their skill with the lance whilst riding atop their mighty horses – 11:30am every day the Castle Adventure Park is open.
  • Trial by Combat – Head to the Tournament Arena to see the knights and warhorses of Kryal Castle
    compete in a challenge designed to test their skills with sword, lance, and spear – 12:30pm every day the Castle Adventure Park is open.
  • Royal Joust – Kryal Castle is home to the only continuous jousting event in Australia, be amazing at the thunderous sounds of horses, lances and knights clashing together in the Royal Joust! – 2pm every day the Castle Adventure Park is open.
  • Knight School — where you and your family will learn the skills required to become a Knight of Kryal Castle – Operates all day except for the Mounted Skill at Arms, Trial by Combat and Royal Joust show times.
  • Axe Throwing — an activity for the adventurous that will allow you to hone your skills with the axe against our wooden targets – Operates all day except for the Mounted Skill at Arms, Trial by Combat and Royal Joust show times.