Kitesurfing in Augusta and Margaret River, WA – Everything You Need To Know

Margaret River and Augusta are renown for being one of the most beautiful parts of the world, but they also feature some of the best freestyle spots for Kitesurfing – boasting perfect weather conditions for this sport, with flat water and clean wind. In fact, without even realising it you’ve probably seen kite surfers in Augusta featured across numerous magazine cover shots over the years. A kitesurfing haven, perfect for all levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced, you can kitesurf in this region from October, right through until March.

The Weather – Perfect Conditions for Kitesurfing

In the Augusta and Margaret River region, we have two main sea breezes; the South Westerly (SW) that blows from about lunch time until 5pm, and the South Easterly (SE) that blows from 2pm to midnight. Margaret River is mainly suited to the experienced kiteboarders, due to the shallow reef and large waves. Augusta, which is situated just half an hour down the road, is perfect for beginners through to the core freestylers. Augusta is a large spit that runs 2km down the beach with small waves to ride on one side and butter flat water on the other.

The Wind blows consistently from October through to March, and the average wind strength in Margaret River is around 20knts, with some occasional days where it can reach the high 30’s. Augusta consistently gets up to 30knts every day with the occasional 40 knot days. The water temperature is around 20 degrees and the air temperature is around 26 degrees, so you only need spring wetsuits or just board shorts whilst kite surfing, depending on what suits you.

Quick Facts About Kiteboarding in the Area: 

  • Wind: Offshore and Onshore
  • Waves: On the ocean side of the spit
  • Shorebreak: Yes
  • Best time to visit: Between October and March

The Best Spots for Kitesurfing in Augusta, WA

If you’re searching for the best spots to kitesurf in Augusta, WA, there are two spots we recommended for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. The first spot is in the Lagoon, with both flat and shallow water. We highly recommend kite surfers reach the sand bar in the middle to start in safe conditions. The wind in the Lagoon is sometimes gusty, but the water is perfectly flat in this area and there are never any sharks, only dolphins, which allows you to kite surf with peace of mind in knowing you’ll be safe out on the water. The second spot we recommend for kitesurfing in Augusta is located just outside the Lagoon, with small waves less than one meter high. The wind in this area is not gusty, but sometimes slightly stronger than inside the lagoon, therefore this spot is more suitable for intermediate to advanced riders.

Getting to Margaret River and Augusta

Located just 3 hours south of Perth, getting to Margaret River is easy by car, and the beach is located just 10km’s from the city town. A mere 30-minute drive (40km’s) further south, you will find Augusta. As both of these areas are spread out, we recommend for kite surfers to hire a car, or drive their own, as there is no public transport to access these incredible kitesurfing hot spots.


Accommodation in Augusta and Margaret River

Planning your kitesurfing trip and need accommodation in the area? Experience Augusta have you covered. No matter your budget or accommodation needs, we have the perfect type of accommodation to suit you. Click here to see our extensive range of accommodation in Augusta and Margaret River.

Tip: As the kitesurfing season is during peak holiday season for both the Margaret River and Augusta region, we recommend booking your accommodation well in advance to avoid disappointment.