Best Things to do in Mt Martha

things to do

Are you looking for a Victorian holiday full of beautiful scenery? Mt Martha is the perfect location for nature fans with its combination of dense bushland and the sunny coast.

Mt Martha has a large number of outdoor activities, making it an ideal holiday destination for the summertime.

We’ve compiled this handy Mt Martha guide including:

  • What to do
  • Where to go
  • Where to eat
  • Where to stay

Where is Mt Martha?

Mt Martha is on the South-Eastern shores of popular holiday destination Port Phillip, between Mornington and Safety Beach. Situated in the Mornington Peninsula, Mt Martha is approximately 60km from the Melbourne CBD.

How to Get to Mt Martha from the Melbourne CBD?

Mt Martha provides the perfect opportunity for road-trip enthusiasts, offering a 90 minute drive from the CBD along the Victorian coast via State Route 33.

For those more interested in public transport, a train can be taken from Flinders St Station to Frankston, at which point there are buses such as the 781 or 877 that go to Mt Martha. The whole trip takes approximately 2 hours and 15 mins.

Best Activities in Mt Martha

Observing the Night Sky at Briars Astronomy Centre

There is so much to do during the day, but what about at night? Mt Martha contains a fully-fledged observatory where visitors can watch the beautiful night sky through modern telescopes, with astronomy experts available to answer any questions.

Swimming and Cliff-Jumping at the Mt Martha Pillars

The Mt Martha pillars are a beautiful series of cliffs adjacent to crystal clear waters. With very limited parking and no signage, these cliffs can be difficult to find. However the experience is very much worth it, providing an intimate space with a gorgeous swimming location.

Teeing Off at Mt Martha Golf Course

Thanks to its recently refurbished facilities, the Mt Martha Golf Course provides a welcoming golfing experience to anybody with an interest in the sport, regardless of their skill level.

Walking the Balcombe Estuary Boardwalk Circuit

Nestled amongst the coastal village of Mt Martha lies the Balcombe Estuary Reserves. This 53 hectare reserve is rich in biodiversity and offers walking tracks and boardwalk that meander alongside Balcombe Creek, extending from the coast through to the Nepean Highway and on to The Briars. ,

This wetland sanctuary is an environmentally and culturally significant estuary system offering habitat and protection to a wide range of wildlife. The traditional owners, the Boonerwrung, call this estuary Tji’tjin’garook or the ‘voice of frogs’. The walk is approx 6km return. Pram friendly, dogs on leads, fishing, kayaking and bikes welcome.

Best Places to Visit in Mt Martha

The Briars

There is so much to do here. For the historically inclined, there are informative guides between 10am and 4pm, where one can venture through a 19th-century homestead and learn more about the history of the area. For those looking to experience Australian flora and fauna, there are extensive woodlands, a nursery specialising in native and indigenous plants and a wildlife sanctuary perfect for roaming. For people travelling with their dogs, there is also a picturesque, leash free forest trail adjacent to the Briars Park.

Mount Martha Beach

Expansive, idyllic beach with clean sand and water, and graced with colourful and iconic beach boxes. Lovely family beach, opposite the shops and home to Mt Martha Yacht Club and Lifesaving Club which are both very lively during the summer months.

Safety Beach

So named because of its calm and shallow waters, Safety Beach provides a calm and scenic beach-going experience for couples and families alike. For those travelling with dogs, there is a beautiful, easy to access dog friendly off leash beach at Tassell’s Cove.

Mt Martha Cliffs

For those ready for a physical challenge with amazing rewards, there is a 5.5km hiking trail atop Mt Martha. As if the eclectic flora and fauna is not enough, the peak provides a spectacular view of Mornington and the rest of Port Phillip Bay.(is this the trail between Mornington & Mt Martha? If so, it’s an easy and scenic walk along the cliff top where you can stop in Mornington to visit the bustling harbour, enjoy coffee or lunch at the many restaurants and cafes and explore the gorgeous boutiques and galleries before walking back. Pram friendly and bikes are also welcome on the track.) Prepare to fill that Camera Roll.

Best Places to Eat and Drink in Mt Martha

Volpino Pizzeria and Wine Bar

Enjoy delicious Italian cuisine and exemplary service while overlooking the beautiful Mt Martha coast.


What better way to cap off a beautiful day at the Briars than a premium food and drink experience in a rustic homestead venue full of personality.

South Beach Cafe

This is a beautiful little eatery that provides a quiet atmosphere, a delectable breakfast, lunch and dinner menu and even a little bit of history, as the venue was originally a general store until the 1970s.

Best Places to Stay in Mt Martha

Coast & Country Getaways has luxury accommodation available in Mt Martha. From a perfect coastal retreat to a homely holiday house, there are options available for everybody with a huge host of features. Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can prepare the perfect accommodation for you.