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What are Private Camps?

Campsites on private property that can accommodate a small number of caravans, motor homes and tents. AMA Private Camps are a more affordable way to get outdoors more often. By working with local councils across Australia, we are revolutionizing the campsite booking process.

AMA Private Camps is a great option for a landowner looking for ways to make additional income from their property. Simply provide access to a portion of reasonably flat ground and then your guests can start to enjoy the magic of the place you call Home.

We have Two categories of AMA Private Camps:

  1. Hippy Camps; and
  2. Comfy Camps

AMA Hippy Camps are about getting back to nature in an all-natural environment, ie. no amenities here. This means RVs such as motorhomes and campervans must be self-contained and caravans and other camping arrangements must be self-sufficient. What you bring with you must be taken home with you, including rubbish, pets and children.

AMA Comfy Camps are also about getting back to nature but with a few comforts of home such as dump points, toilets and or showers. Campers should still be self-sufficient as any amenities supplied at an AMA Comfy Camp may be limited.

The sub-categories under both AMA Hippy Camps and AMA Comfy Camps are:

  1. Adult Only;
  2. Family-Friendly;
  3. Pet Friendly;

If you’re not an AMA Private Camps member you can either join in advance or you may be able to join when you get to site. We have many private campsites to choose from, with more private property owners getting on board daily. With fees from as little as $10 per unit, per night you can afford to take more breaks, more often!

We have an expert team of Site Officers who go out and inspect our private camps every year to make sure they are up to the standards our members expect, so all that’s left to do is pitch up, sit back and relax!